8 Letters, 3 Words, 1 Meaning

Endeavour 831 are an up and coming new Theatre Company based in Hertfordshire, UK. Endeavour 831 have one key mission: to use the arts to spread one very simple message – 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning – “I Love You”. 

No-one should feel rejected, unloved, unheard.  

So we are committed to standing with, speaking up and advocating for the vulnerable,

by using drama to engage decision makers with issues, enhance the voice of the marginalised, empower communities to grow, and enable people to challenge injustice.

Because love is more than just words, it's justice. 



Effecting change is not easy. But Endeavour 831 are optimistic that if we tackle change from all sides, it is possible. Our projects aims fall into these four categories: Engage, Enhance, Empower, & Enable.



Do you ever feel as though those in power are just not interested in your cause? Endeavour 831 uses drama to communicate clear messages to decision makers, reconnecting hearts to statistics in order to provoke a response. 


Do you feel like you are unheard? You'd love to speak up, but you can't even get into the room, let alone speak up. Endeavour 831 will work to enhance the voice of the marginalised. Where access is not granted for you to speak directly, we will use performance to stand in the gap until your voice is heard.


Endeavour 831 specialises in creating bespoke workshops to help the community speak up for themselves through performance. Training in performance techniques, including acting, storytelling, devising work, writing, and much more are available to suit your needs.


Endeavour 831 offers mentoring and placement opportunities for those wanting to learn more about using drama as a tool for change. Contact us for more information.




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